Monday, June 6, 2016

Global Monetary Experts Say Deregulation Can Be a Key to Boost Economies

Many believe in the spirit of competition and that it is the cornerstone of any healthy, free market economy. That's what the fight for deregulation of electricity markets and energy suppliers across the country is all about. By allowing competition among residents when it comes to choosing power suppliers, deregulated energy markets can help to lower prices and increase customer satisfaction everywhere it has been implemented. One of the world leaders when it comes to economics and monetary policy recently issued a statement supporting this notion. 

According to, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released their quarterly "World Economic Outlook Report" for April 2016 and one of the biggest suggestions they make is for governments to increase efforts to deregulate various industries. One that they specifically mention is energy suppliers and distribution. 

“A number of advanced economies still have significant room for further deregulation in retail trade, professional services and in a few network industries,” the IMF report reads. “Product market reforms should be implemented forcefully, as they boost output even under weak macroeconomic conditions and would not worsen public finances.” 
The IMF clarified "network" industries as air, rail and road transportation, energy distribution, telecommunications and postal services. 

In fact, despite energy usage being at an all-time high (it was 13 times greater in 2013 than in 1950 in the U.S.), it's fair to wonder if energy industry deregulation has already helped to decrease the cost of generating electricity. According to the Edison Electric Institute, the cost of generating electrons currently accounts for less than half of the price of electricity, compared to 1995 when it accounted for two-thirds. 

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