Wednesday, April 26, 2017

10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption at Work

Energy conservation is a very important thing in today's world. We are getting smarter as we realize how much energy we actually need to support our daily lives and are becoming more concerned about conserving energy we don't need. Nowhere is energy consumption bigger than in the world of business.
Here are 10 energy saving tips that can help make a dent in energy conservation at work.

Switch Bulbs: LED and CFL lights last longer and consume less power than commercial light bulbs.

Use Sleep Mode: Computers use a lot of energy and sleep mode allows you the freedom of not needing to completely shut down your computer while saving energy at the same time.

Get Programmable Thermostat: You can save 6% of CO2 related heating emissions by just turning your thermostat own two degrees.

Use Lighting Wisely: Keep a close eye on how long lights in hallways, bathrooms, and meeting rooms are left on. Use as much natural sunlight for as long a possible.

Host Virtual Meetings: Choosing instead to host virtual meetings instead of using gas from cars or planes works in reducing energy.

Plant Trees: Trees can protect your building from hot sunlight in the summer and cold, icy winds in the winter.

Consider Renewable Energy: A lot more options exist out there to help power a business with renewable energy. Solar panels, for instance, can really make a huge difference.

Invest in Skylights: Skylights allow natural light open to your business. Allowing it, the sun can be the ideal lighting for your office.

Monitor Drafts: Having a lot of drafts occur in your business could mean your hard earned cash is flying right out the window.

Lower Paper Uses: Only print something out if you need it. Otherwise, you're just wasting paper.

There are many more things in the office you can do that can help you with reducing energy. These are just some of them. For more ideas, get a team together and brainstorm.

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