Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3 Pieces of Energy Saving Technology You Need in Your Home and Office Right Now

Conserving energy is a conversation that many people in the U.S. and around the world are currently having, and for good reason. Something as simple as a programmable thermostat could save up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs.

Sometimes, energy conservation is as simple at investing in the right pieces of energy saving technology. If you're having trouble deciding which pieces of this technology are best for you, here's a short list of energy saving devices to put in your home or office today.

Solar Chargers
Instead of using outlets or your computer terminal to charge your phone, you should invest in a solar charger. Leave it out in the sun to power up and then boom! You've got a green energy supply for your phone, tablet, or laptop. But before you go out and buy a solar charger, make sure you've got the right cables to charge all of your different devices.

Smart Plugs
Not into solar power? No worries. If you're still into charging your phone the old fashioned way, you probably know how little time it takes to actually charge a phone to 100%. With a smart plug, you no longer need to worry about draining excess energy from your home after your phone or computer is done charging. Once a device's battery hits 100%, the smart plug attachment will cut off power, effectively saving you energy.

Rechargeable Batteries
This is probably one of the simplest fixes you can make if your goal is to save energy and the environment. When a camera or a flashlight runs out of battery life, you're probably used to throwing away the old batteries and opening a new package. But with rechargeable batteries, you no longer need to worry about constantly having new batteries on hand or disposing of old ones. Simply pop the dead batteries into a charging station and then put them back in your device once charging has completed. This is an excellent way to save energy and reduce waste in your home and office.

These pieces of energy saving technology are simple solutions that can make a big difference in your energy consumption. What are you waiting for? Get out there and save some energy.

Monday, March 20, 2017

How to Encourage a Green Lifestyle: Energy Saving Tips For Families

Spring is just around the corner, which means that warm weather will be here before you know it. When temperatures rise, our energy consumption (and our bills) tend to spike. If you want to preserve the planet as a family, there are quite a number of ways to save energy in your home that'll likely make a big difference. Not only will you be reducing harmful emissions when you save energy, but you'll also have lower bills and can enjoy spending quality time together. Here are a few energy saving tips that will make every member of your family want to go green this spring.

Unplug those gadgets and get outside
Your kids may be tempted to stay in front of the TV and play video games, but the beautiful weather provides the perfect opportunity to play outside. Not only are those gadgets a huge energy suck, but they can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle. It's becoming less common to see kids playing outside for hours in the spring and summertime, but you can help break these habits. Take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner or ride your bikes together on the weekends. You'll save energy within your home and expend it outdoors! Both your monthly bills and your family members will be healthier as a result.

Discuss some new house rules
If you're making it a family mission to help the environment, sit down and talk about things everyone can do around the house to assist in your goal. Whether you're conserving energy by keeping windows and doors closed when the air conditioning is on or convincing the kids to limit their time standing in front of an open fridge door, these little changes can have a big impact.

Consider renewable energy
It may not be an option for every family situation, but you may want to think about utilizing renewable energy techniques to power your home. Solar power is becoming more common and more affordable, making it a popular choice for families who want to go green. While it'll be a bigger investment initially, it will allow you to save on energy costs in the long run. And since the sun tends to shine more in the spring and summer, it's the perfect time to teach your kids about the benefits of renewable energy.

Plant a tree (or several!)
Well-placed trees around your property can cool your home and allow you to save money on your energy bills during the warmer months. When you don't have to use as much energy to keep your home comfortable, you're automatically practicing conservation. In fact, shade trees and even home painting can save up to 2.4 tons of CO2 emissions every year. In addition, a single tree can directly absorb nearly 25 pounds of CO2 from the air on a yearly basis! Simply put, trees can help us in many ways, and they're necessary for the health of the earth.

Want to learn about more ways you can conserve energy at home? Our renewable energy plans can help you reduce your carbon footprint without making sacrificing service and function. For more information about your energy options, contact Starion Energy today.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Small Energy Saving Tips That Can Lead to Big Cost Savings

It seems like everyone is going green these days, and for good reason. Reducing your personal environmental impact isn't just about hopping on a trendy bandwagon, it can also be a matter of self-preservation.   

Energy reduction isn't rocket science, but energy conservation can seem complicated, especially if you're new to all things environmental. The reality is that conserving energy can be a whole lot easier than you think. You don't have to take drastic measures such as composting, buying an electric car, or completely changing your lifestyle in order to experience major energy savings! By being mindful and practicing of a few simple energy saving tips, you can save on energy costs in some pretty impressive ways.
Here are three small energy saving tips that have a big impact!

Keep up with general home maintenance
A well maintained home is an energy efficient one! Whether it's a season tune up for your furnace, regular electrical inspections, or routine plumbing maintenance, taking care of your home's air, electrical, and plumbing systems ensures they are operating efficiently at all times. Old, outdated, or damaged systems use more energy than needed and may also pose danger. Making sure your appliances and home systems are in good working order will save you money on both energy and repair costs.

Install low flow faucets and shower heads
The kitchen and bathroom provide the most water wasting opportunities, so it's especially important to be mindful of water usage in these areas of your home. Low flow faucets and shower heads take the guess work out of using less water by reducing the amount of gallons per minute without compromising performance. All you have to do is have them installed by your plumber and then watch the energy savings flow back to you. It's really that simple!

Only use energy efficient light bulbs
Here's a bright idea; stop using old school light bulbs and make the simple switch to energy efficient alternatives. Did you know that you can reduce energy usage from roughly a third to an impressive 80% just by using energy-efficient halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs? Not only do these light bulbs last longer – which increases their cost efficiency on top of reducing your electric bill – but they also provide better quality light. This is one the easiest energy saving tips that is an absolute must!