Wednesday, April 26, 2017

10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption at Work

Energy conservation is a very important thing in today's world. We are getting smarter as we realize how much energy we actually need to support our daily lives and are becoming more concerned about conserving energy we don't need. Nowhere is energy consumption bigger than in the world of business.
Here are 10 energy saving tips that can help make a dent in energy conservation at work.

Switch Bulbs: LED and CFL lights last longer and consume less power than commercial light bulbs.

Use Sleep Mode: Computers use a lot of energy and sleep mode allows you the freedom of not needing to completely shut down your computer while saving energy at the same time.

Get Programmable Thermostat: You can save 6% of CO2 related heating emissions by just turning your thermostat own two degrees.

Use Lighting Wisely: Keep a close eye on how long lights in hallways, bathrooms, and meeting rooms are left on. Use as much natural sunlight for as long a possible.

Host Virtual Meetings: Choosing instead to host virtual meetings instead of using gas from cars or planes works in reducing energy.

Plant Trees: Trees can protect your building from hot sunlight in the summer and cold, icy winds in the winter.

Consider Renewable Energy: A lot more options exist out there to help power a business with renewable energy. Solar panels, for instance, can really make a huge difference.

Invest in Skylights: Skylights allow natural light open to your business. Allowing it, the sun can be the ideal lighting for your office.

Monitor Drafts: Having a lot of drafts occur in your business could mean your hard earned cash is flying right out the window.

Lower Paper Uses: Only print something out if you need it. Otherwise, you're just wasting paper.

There are many more things in the office you can do that can help you with reducing energy. These are just some of them. For more ideas, get a team together and brainstorm.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Corporations Go Green, Rural Communities Stay Clean

According to a recent article by Forbes, corporations are increasing their investments on renewable energy sources and the benefits are mostly going to small, rural communities. Despite the government continuing to heavily rely on fossil fuels, many governors and corporate America, in general, are looking towards the future, towards sustainable energy.

The cost of investing in green energy, such as wind and solar power, has decreased incredibly, leading to an uptick in businesses using them instead of fossil fuels. This not only is incredibly beneficial to their businesses but, according to Forbes, the ones really profiting are rural communities.

To just give a few examples, it has been stated that around 70% of the United States' wind farms are located in low-income areas, with wind energy companies employing 100,000 workers across the U.S. last year.
Solar energy has seen its fair share of positives around the country as well. It's estimated that around 75 billion oil barrels are being saved each year by solar energy users. And solar energy companies have employed double the number of people that wind energy companies have over this past year.

More big businesses are getting into energy conservation each day. Places like Walmart and GM, two giants in the world of industry, are actively searching for ways to reduce their emissions and invest in safer ways to find their energy. It is an encouraging sign to see big businesses begin to take responsibility for the future of energy across the nation.

Going forward, we can only hope this sets precedents for an ongoing forward momentum for research into energy conservation for the whole nation. We hope to see big businesses continue to invest more in renewable and safe energy choices in our country and around the world.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Use In Your Home

The energy we use in our own homes can easily turn into one of our biggest monthly expenses. That's why we are always looking for ways to save on energy costs, whether that means obsessively turning off lights or lowering the thermostat no matter the temperature outside. If you're interested in saving on your electricity bill, then keep reading to learn about five ways to save on energy costs. And for certain areas of the country, these tips are also great opportunities to build up your Reduce Your Use Rewards and save even more!

Check Your Windows
During the winter months, you may not even realize that your windows are a huge source of energy loss. They are one of the most common places for air to leak out, and if left unsealed these air leaks can cost you 20% more on heating and cooling bills. Choosing to change out your windows for energy saving windows, like vinyl framed or tinted windows, can drastically save you money through energy reduction over time.

Update Appliances
Many new appliances were designed to conserve energy. Though they tend to initially cost a bit more, they will ultimately save you more money in the long run than the alternative, while also increasing your Reduce Your Use Rewards at the same time. Be sure to check to see if the next appliance you are thinking about buying can save energy, because that also means it can save you money.

The Great Outdoors
Planting just a couple trees in your yard can actually result in saving money on energy costs. A tree's branches and leaves can shade your home from the hot sun during summer months and break up the wind and snow during winter. While it may seem small, even two or three trees can actually make quite an amount of difference.

Installing a programmable thermostat can pay for itself in a couple months time. While you're away from the house, you can set the temperature to a lower degree that can save you a lot on energy costs in just those few hours that you'll be away. They are relatively inexpensive and provide a huge return on investment by saving you money.

Nearly every gadget in your home runs on direct current. This means, even when not plugged in, their charger is still consuming electricity. It is a good idea to not only turn off all laptops, printers, and coffee makers when not in use, but to completely unplug them and their chargers from the wall. This can save you a lot on energy costs.

Saving energy is often easier than we realize, especially in the home. We hope these little-known tips helped you find new ways to lower your energy costs and save you money.
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