Tuesday, July 31, 2018

3 Ideas to Implement Energy Saving Technology into Your Home

3 Ideas to Implement Energy Saving Technology into Your Home

All around the world, people are stepping up to do their part in exploring sustainable energy options. Renewable energy is helping the planet stay healthy longer and can even have some added benefits for homeowners. So what kind of energy saving technology is available to homeowners? Let's take a look at a few eco-friendly investments you should consider making.

Solar panels: Solar energy is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce energy use. And with the innovations behind solar energy in today's society, it's becoming more and more accessible to homeowners. So installing solar panels is a great way to go green at home. Each year, solar energy users save about 35 Million Tonnes of carbon dioxide, which makes a huge difference. Solar panels are easy to use, they're convenient, and they can be used to power a lot of different things throughout the home.

Wind generator: It's no secret that big companies are investing more time and energy in developing windmill farms all around the world. And because of this, many homeowners think wind power isn't available to them. But in reality, there are plenty of smaller versions of wind generators that homeowners can invest in. There are several options for wind generators, ranging from simple DIY kits to working with your energy provider to have a professional system installed. Depending on the method used, homeowners can experience variations in energy savings. But all in all, wind generators are accessible and can save homeowners money on their energy expenses.

LED lights: Light bulbs have changed drastically over the years. Starting with incandescent light bulbs, homeowners saw their bulbs use tons of electricity while producing unwanted heat. Along with incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs were better about saving energy, but they too had unwanted side effects. Fortunately, LED bulbs are available now. These bulbs can reduce energy use by as much as 80% and can provide homeowners with brighter lights too.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to energy saving technology. With the right technology, homeowners can experience energy reductions and do their part in helping the planet.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Biggest Summer Energy Expenses and How to Reduce The​m​

If you're looking for ways to save some money so you can spend it on fun-filled summer activities, you should start by evaluating your energy expenses. Summer tends to cause an increase in energy bills -- fortunately, there are easy ways to reduce these costs.

Biggest Summer Energy Expenses

Like every other time of the year, summer comes with its own unique energy challenges. Let's look at a few of the biggest culprits for increasing energy bills.

Cranking up the air conditioning: When the temperatures start to rise, everyone's first instinct is to turn up the AC. And while it's nice to have a cool, comfortable home, air conditioning can cause your energy bills to increase significantly. So try to remember that the closer the temperature is inside to outside, the lower your energy bills will be. Try other methods to cool down like opening windows for a cross breeze and utilize ceiling and floor fans.

Letting cool air escape: If your home has cracks and leaks around windows or doors, you may be letting your cooled air sneak out of your home. While this may not seem like a big use of energy, sealing air leaks and ensuring your home is properly insulated can save you up to 20% on cooling bills. When there are even small holes or leaks, your cooled air can easily escape, making your cooling costs skyrocket.

Using more hot water: With the kids out of school, your dishwasher and washing machine are probably running more often. And it's important to remember that you'll use the same amount of water whether or not the machine is completely full. So to avoid wasting water and energy, make sure you're always doing a full load of dishes or clothes.

Renewable Energy Options to Consider

Fortunately, if you consider using sustainable sources of energy, you can save significant amounts on your energy bills all year long. There are plenty of sustainable sources of energy to explore to fit your wants and needs.

Solar panels: With solar energy becoming one of the most popular renewable energy sources, solar panel costs continue to decrease. Even if you can only afford one or two, utilizing solar energy is a great way to save money on energy expenses, especially with the hot summer sun beating down.

Solar oven: If you're looking for more of a DIY source of sustainable energy, you should consider making your own solar oven to cook your meals with. They're easily made out of a few common materials and work by trapping sunlight. This is a great project to get the whole family involved with too.

Hydroelectric power: If you have a source of flowing water nearby, you can make some of the water flow through a turbine to produce energy. While you may need a professional to help install the hydropower generator, it's a great way to utilize natural resources to help power your home.

By exploring some sustainable sources of energy and being smart about how you're using energy at home, you can significantly reduce your energy costs this summer.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

3 Facts About Renewable Energy Everyone Should Know

The importance of renewable energy is something more and more people are taking the time to understand. And luckily, people are not just taking time to understand the importance of renewable energy, but are acting on it as well. Renewable energy options are used all around the world, and in 2015 alone about 13% of energy generation in the United States was from renewable energy sources. So with more sustainable sources of energy being explored and utilized, there are a few things everyone should know about green energy.

U.S. cities are going green: 65 U.S. cities have taken action and have begun to transition to 100% clean energy. Already, five cities, including Aspen, Colorado and Burlington, Vermont, have already successfully begun to run off of 100% renewable energy sources. Along with these 65 cities, numerous states, counties, and establishments have started using sustainable energy in hopes of achieving 100% sustainability.

Solar energy can be used at night: Many people believe that solar energy is something that can only be utilized during daylight. But power obtained from the sun's rays can actually be stored and used at night too. Power can be stored in materials like salt to provide energy all night long, and large batteries are cheaper and easier to produce than ever before. Solar energy is one of the most powerful and popular choices for sustainable energy. Because of its abilities, many companies are competing to harness solar power more efficiently.

Wind turbines can power hundreds of homes: Like solar power, many people are investing in the benefits of wind power. Today's wind turbines are so efficient that just one turbine can produce enough energy to power hundreds, if not thousands, of homes. There are more and more businesses building wind turbines and many companies are investing in wind power to provide their energy needs.

The importance of renewable energy is undeniable. With our limited resources running low, it's time that everyone helps to make strides in an eco-friendly direction. Sustainable energy can reduce energy costs, help the environment, and provide jobs.