Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What to Know About Using Solar Panels in the Summertime

It's no secret that we've come a long way in how we generate, use, and innovate with energy. More than 150 years ago, about 90% of the nation's energy needs were fulfilled with wood. But in today's society, there is a major focus on energy conservation and using renewable energy sources. While there are several renewable energy options, one of the most common options is solar power. Solar panels are becoming more accessible to people around the world and they can help significantly when it comes to energy conservation. But when the sun is beating down during the summertime, is this a good thing for solar energy users?

Summertime can mean both added benefits and slight downsides for solar energy users. Fortunately, the longer, sunnier days amounts to more energy produced by solar panels. Because of the added sunlight solar panels receive during the summertime, solar panel users can see a significant increase in the amount of energy produced. Which, of course, is a great thing, especially for energy conservation.

However, it's important to remember that solar panels convert sunlight into energy, not heat. So on those long, hot and humid days, solar panel users may actually see a decrease in productivity. This is because too much heat can actually cause solar panels to overheat and become less efficient. So even if the sun is shining, hot summer days can sometimes do more harm than good.

So how can homeowners make the most of their solar panels during the summer? First off, it's important to optimize cool, sunny days. With lowered temperatures but plenty of sunshine, solar panels will be working perfectly. Additionally, it's important to consider the location of the solar panels. Most homeowners use solar panels on their roofs, where they can get maximum sun exposure. But during the summer, the sun hits a direct angle -- this means solar panel users should position their panels at a slightly lower angle to catch the most sun. If solar panels are located places other than the roof, it's important to make sure they're not blocked by any shade throughout the day to ensure they're being exposed to all the sun they can get.

Solar panels are a great way to practice energy conservation and start leaning towards using more efficient energy sources. By remembering these few tips, solar panel users can make the most out of the long, sunny summer days ahead.

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